Resident Evil HD REMASTER Randomizer

I'm currently working on creating a randomizer mod for the game Resident Evil HD REMASTER on PC. Now playable as both Jill and Chris on Normal and Hard difficulty!

I could really use your support to continue working on this mod. I recently released a game on Steam, Operator Overload, and I would really appreciate if you could check it out!

I now also have a patreon! Become a Patron!

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You can try version 1.098 beta *HERE*

There is a patch you need to install in order to prevent crashes with the enemy randomizer, download it *HERE* and place the contents of the nativePC folder inside the nativePC folder of your REmake installation.

Known issues:

Dog whistle doesn't work after beating Plant 42.

Elevators are sometimes in the wrong position after beating Lisa

Very rarely Barry won't give Jill the lockpick at the beginning of the game.

Patch notes

Version 1.098: Fixed soft-lock in lock rando where Tea Room -> Northern Corridor door was being one-way locked in the wrong direction

Version 1.097: Fixed soft-lock in lock rando regarding the door connecting C Corridor to East Wing Stairway

Added Pillar Room (where you find Richard) to door rando

Version 1.096: Fixed lock rando soft-lock with the herb in the Aqua Ring Entry area

Courtyard Study door has less keys set to lock it due to the door telling lies about what opens it

Version 1.095: Fixed an issue where items left by Barry / Wesker in the East Wing Storeroom were not in seed logic causing soft-lock in lock rando

Version 1.094: Fixed an issue in the armor key seed generator logic where it didn't realise it needed the dog whistle

Version 1.093: Fixed lock rando issue where you could get soft-locked unable to get outside the mansion, also issue with large gallery

Version 1.092: Fixed lock rando issue where door wasn't being locked properly in Northern Corridor

Version 1.091: Fixed lock rando soft-lock where C Corridor / Small Library could be impossible to access

Fixed enemy rando soft-lock where stepping on a bee in the Yawn2 fight causes soft-lock

Version 1.09: Added Lock Randomizer! This is a brand new mode and is probably going to have bugs, so let me know if you encounter issues!

Version 1.08: Fixed trainer to work with latest version of RE that has added Chinese language support

Version 1.07: Added ability to customize which enemies appear in the enemy rando

Version 1.061: Attempted to fix bugs with Elder Crimson Heads not working properly in door rando and breaking other enemies

Version 1.06: Added Elder Crimson Head to the enemy rando! This has been a little tricky to put in so let me know if something breaks!

Version 1.05: Added Gallery to the door rando

Version 1.04: Added East Wing Stairway to the door rando

Version 1.03: Added Art Room into the door rando

Fixed bug where magnum wasn't appearing in door rando

Version 1.02: Fixed a rather serious issue with the GUI for the seed generator that was generating broken seeds if random enemies weren't enabled

Version 1.01: Fixed potential soft-lock where items were placed in the Winding Underground Passage and Entrance Passage when they shouldn't be

Version 1.0: Created a GUI for RandomizerSeedGenerator, upgraded from Alpha to Beta

Fixed potential soft-lock where items were placed in the Main Garden when they shouldn't be

Fixed potential soft-lock where items were placed in the Large Gallery when they shouldn't be

Added ability to have vanilla item locations but still have modifiers / enemy rando (door rando is not possible for this atm)

Version 0.95.3: Replaced survival knife in Spider Room to prevent people accidentally locking themselves in in Door Rando

Version 0.95.2: Fixed red herbs dropping as blue herbs by mistake in door rando

Version 0.95.1: Fixed potential soft-lock with a single item being placed in a room that isn't used in door rando, Concrete Passage 1

Version 0.95: Fixed potential soft-lock where one bottle too many was being spawned for Jill Fixed potential soft-lock where one room would be removed to make room for door rando but key items would still appear in it

Version 0.94: Fixed potential soft-lock where one item was being placed in a position that couldn't be reached, Aqua Ring Exit

Version 0.93: Fixed soft-lock where rando placed items in bee positions where trainer doesn't give them

Version 0.92: Fixed issue with Jill getting grenade rounds when she's supposed to get shotgun shells in door rando

Fixed softlock where key items can be put in Pass Code Corridor by mistake when player can't access it

Version 0.91: Fixed soft-lock from beating the Lab Tyrant / Wesker locking required doors

Version 0.9: Added Door Randomizer! It currently only works on Normal difficulty. This is a hefty new mode that shuffles where doors go, as a result it has it's own item randomizer logic, enemy rando will still work the same way.

Trainer displays if item / enemy / door rando are activated

Version 0.87: Removed dogs from the Graveyard / Crypt as it was causing elder crimson head soft-lock

Removed spiders from Researcher's Bedroom due to soft-lock

Removed yawn from Outside Patio due to being impossible to get past

Version 0.86: Added modifiers for the enemy randomizer! You can now specify no Tyrant/Yawn/Lisa, a single one, or an extreme amount!

You can now change the Tyrant to be the slow, killable kind instead of the fast one in the modifiers (if you have a lot of them, you can shuffle the types)

Removed Tyrant from the Bathroom / Winding Passage as Jill gets trapped and can't escape

Fixed bug that failed to remove chimera from Dining Room 2F

Version 0.85: It is now guaranteed that you can save Rebecca as Chris in all seeds, as long as you do it before you enter the labs.

Removed spiders from Aqua Ring Walkway as they didn't work

Removed Tyrants from Large Gallery as there are too many of them

Version 0.84: Removed Tyrants from Power Maze B as they were making the game impossible to finish

Version 0.83: Added Lisa into the enemy randomizer!

Derandomized the Small Library enemies as it kept soft-locking when trying to save Rebecca

Removed sharks from the Large Gallery as they were on the ceiling and their collision was blocking progress

Removed Tyrant and Yawn from the Outside Boiler room as this makes the seed too easy

Removed chimera from Attic due to it not appearing

Removed sharks from Boulder Passage 1 for Chris as it caused a soft-lock

Version 0.82: Removed spider from Room 002 Bathroom as it can't get through the door

Removed chimera from Dining Room 2F as it doesn't work

Removed chimera from Outside Patio as it stays on on the ceiling and doesn't move

Removed spider from Small Library as it was impossible to save Rebecca

Version 0.81: Removed shark and dog from Library Yawn fight due to soft locks

Removed shark from the Small Library when saving Rebecca due to soft lock bug

Removed dogs from Ceiling Passage 1 due to upside-down ceiling dog attacks

Removed Yawn from Researcher's Bedroom because he was too big

Removed dogs from Researcher's Bedroom due to arm grab soft lock bug

Removed shark from Enrico Room due to a hitbox preventing you from leaving the room

Version 0.8: Added enemy randomizer! Very early test version so please forgive me if anything breaks! Make sure you have the Enemy Swap Patch installed or you will get crashes at the first zombie, there are detailed instructions in the README!

Version 0.75: Fixed the bug I introduced by mistake in version 0.71 where key items were assigned to a Handgun Magazine in East Wing Storeroom when that item doesn't appear for Jill on Normal

Version 0.74: Added modifier for the fuel capsule to be already armed when found

Version 0.73: Fixed issue where single green herb in Winding Underground Passage on hard difficulty was not being randomized, causing possible soft locks

Version 0.72: Fixed issue where one set of shotgun shells weren't being removed when the ammo modifier was turned on

Fixed issue for Jill where one stun gun was still appearing when defense items were turned off

Added randomizer version number to the cheat sheet

Added modifier for all non-key items to be replaced with Self Defense Gun (it has bugs, but finding out how to get around them can be part of the fun!)

Version 0.71: Fixed issue where Jill would get a duplicate item from the handgun magazine in the east wing storeroom after getting the armor key on Hard difficulty

Version 0.7: Added modifiers in the seed generator to optionally remove healing items, ammo, ink ribbons and defense items and replace them with Junk(wooden mounts, slide filters and X-Rays)

Fixed bug where wind crest was incorrectly being flagged as required to get access to the magnum revolver item slot

Version 0.62: Fixed issue with magnum rounds in aqua ring storage not being correctly randomized in hard mode

Version 0.61: Fixed issue with shotgun shells and first aid box being the wrong way around causing soft lock in hard mode in Rec Room

Version 0.6: Fixed grenade rounds for Jill showing up incorrectly as shotgun shells in the cheat sheet

Added support for Hard/Real Survival difficulty! They both work when you pick the Hard difficulty in the randomizer.

Changed text in cheat sheet to better show that you need to pick up the item after beating plant 42

Version 0.5: Added the following back into the randomizer:
Red & Yellow Gemstones in Trophy Room
Fish Hook in Fish Tank Room
Hexagonal Crank in Enrico Room
Fuel Supply Capsule in Power Maze A
Grenade Launcher in Outside Patio

Fixed bug where the lighter could be placed in impossible locations for Jill

Changed the seed generator so that the dog whistle will not drop in areas where you need to have beaten plant 42

Version 0.4: Added Jill! It's very possible that unforseen bugs could occur as this is brand new, so let me know if anything goes wrong!

Took Insecticide Spray out of the pool due to bug

Renamed RandomizerItemListGenerator.exe to RandomizerSeedGenerator.exe

Version 0.38: CheatSheet.txt is now generated along with the seed and should show where all the randomized items are located.

Version 0.37: Shotgun shells in the graveyard and the Book of Curses were the wrong way around, causing another potential run ruiner due to the arrowhead being needed. FIXED!

Version 0.36: Fixed one item placement giving incorrect item in Boulder Passage 2, possibly ruining runs. Sorry! D:

Version 0.35: took Fuel Supply Capsule out of the pool due to it being bugged.

Version 0.3: Fixed the trainer asking people to download Cheat Engine, it should now come built in.

If you have any problems or encounter any bugs or think your seed isn't finishable, send your ItemList.txt to me in a pastebin along with a description of your problem on Twitter or Email and I'll do my best to get back to you!


1) Place RandomizerSeedGenerator.exe and RandomizerTrainer.exe in your Resident Evil / Biohazard HD REMASTER folder, in the same place as bhd.exe

2) Launch RandomizerSeedGenerator.exe until it generates the file ItemList.txt for your chosen character, this is your randomized item list.

3) Launch up the game and go to the main menu.

4) Open RandomizerTrainer.exe and wait for a window asking for you to choose your character.

5) After you have chosen the character you generated the seed for it should detect both bhd.exe and ItemList.txt, if it has not you need to relaunch!

6) Make sure you pick the correct character ingame on the correct difficulty.

Most people playing for the first time will want Normal difficulty (it's the top choice when choosing difficulties "Like climbing a mountain. Fulfilling, but takes a lot of work.") If you picked an easier difficulty I believe it will still work, but the extra items generated by the lower difficulty will not be randomized.

Hard difficulty is only accessible when you've already beaten the game once as Jill or Chris. If you wish to play Real Survival you must also pick Hard in the trainer as they both have the same item sets.

7) Play the game! Leave the executable open for the trainer until you are done playing as it edits the items while the game is being run, closing it will unrandomize your items!