Resident Evil 2 Remake Randomizer ALPHA TEST

This mod randomizes the items in the new RE2 Remake. Please note that this first version is an initial testing version and is very likely to have bugs! If you can report them to me at Twitter (@bennpowell) or via email: I can try to whittle down the bugs as you can all help me test way faster than I can alone :)

*UPDATE* - I now have a bug tracker so you can check if you've found a new bug or an existing one, and keep track of when they are fixed!

Please make sure to safe often to prevent losing too much progress in the event of a bug!

You can try version 0.1.2 ALPHA *HERE*

If you have any problems or encounter any bugs or think your seed isn't finishable, send your ItemList.txt to me in a pastebin along with a description of your problem on Twitter or Email and I'll do my best to get back to you!

INSTRUCTIONS (more details in the readme)

1) Place RE2RandomizerTrainer.exe & RE2SeedGenerator.exe in the same folder as RE2.exe.

2) Launch RE2SeedGenerator.exe and wait for it to generate a valid seed.

3) Open RE2 either using RE2.exe or through Steam. Get to the Main Menu where you are able to select New Game / Load Game.

4) Open RE2RandomizerTrainer.exe. It should state that it has detected both the RE2 exe being open and the seed file that has been generated.

5) Play the game! When you pick up one of the items in the Main Hall (not the garage in the intro, that key isn't randomized) you should find they have been changed.


I have a patreon! I give copies of my indie game Operator Overload to people who have given a lifetime $10 total:

If you want to make a one-off donation, I have a ko-fi:

There is also a gofundme that goes towards making this mod:

Thank you so much!


0.1.2: Fixed additional soft-locks with diamond key in both Leon and Claire rando

Fixed safe in the waiting room not giving Claire's random item

Fixed speed loading not appearing in Claire rando

Fixed suppressor spawning as a blue cube in Claire rando

Fixed cheat sheet to display the right rooms in Claire rando

Fixed grenade launcher stock spawning as a lightning hawk long barrel in Claire rando

0.1.1: Fixed soft-lock with diamond and heart key in Claire rando

0.1.0: Added Claire!

0.0.6: Fixed medallions being put in the interrogation room causing soft-lock

0.0.5: Fixed shotgun in labs not giving a randomized item causing potential soft-lock

Altered the spawn locations of t-bar valve and sewer key to help prevent soft-lock

Fixed cheat sheet incorrectly displaying Upper Waterway as Upper Walkway

0.0.4: Altered the trainer to better detect the chess pieces to prevent duplication

Corrected the duplicate red dot sight for the magnum to be the correct item, long barrel

0.0.3: Fixed large issue with seed generator not taking mechanical jack into consideration to prevent soft-locks

0.0.2: Fixed crash issue involving the portable safes